Talent management

Recruitment, retention and development - attracting, recruiting and retaining skilled employees in particular remains one of the fundamental resources challenges in a constant growing and competitive market.
Employees at SOEW are given opportunities to develop their skills as various internal/external training interventions have been implemented. As we are an employer which requires employees with specialised (cabling) skills, day to day on the job training and improvement of skills and knowledge is implemented.

Improving productivity

Various initiatives are under review to uplift and uphold improved productivity to ensure a stable and improved working environment.
South Ocean Electric Wire Company is a Company that believes in rewarding its people and you will find that our salary and benefit packages are very competitive. However, there are many other aspects that make South Ocean Electric Wire Company an attractive Company to work for. Top of the list is the fact that SOEW is a dynamic company and a strong competitor in the field of electrical cable manufacturing.

Work place Skills Plan

The work place skills plan and annual training reports are submitted to MERSETA (a sector of the Metal Industry within the required time frame.


We at SOEW are fully aware that corporate success is dependent on individual as well as team efforts. Committed minds, purpose and passion is part of our daily input to ensure a culture of living the brand. Shared ownership, risk and reward are part of the daily process.

All HR queries at SOEW should be addressed to :
The Human Resources Manager : Thelma Tshivhase
E-mail :
Tel : 011 864 1606
Fax : 011 864 3520